Katie and Kara make a plan that doesn’t involve alcohol, or vandalism

We sat down this afternoon with a copy of the Ann Arbor Observer and a calendar and made a slightly insane plan for the month of February.

The initial idea was hatched in a discussion in which we both complained about not taking advantage of all the cultural events and opportunities to learn interesting things that happened in and around Ann Arbor. We’re smart, poor, and have no set schedules. (Katie is a self-employed, somewhat disabled, artist and Kara is a marginally employed teacher and historian.)

This photo was only partially staged.

Kara: I just graduated in August and moved back to Ann Arbor. I was really looking forward to being here after seven years spent in a fairly conservative Indiana town that didn’t even have an art house movie theater. But I’d been back for six months and all I do is go to the bar. I might as well still be in grad school.

Katie: I was talking to Kara about seeing Ann Arbor through the eyes of a tourist and taking advantage of all the cultural opportunities that we take for granted as a townie. Over the past year I set a goal for myself to experience more of what’s going on in the arts in my community. I want to participate more in the local scene.

We’ve been very good friends since we were fifteen. Somehow, we’ve now ended up at a place in our lives where we have five college degrees between the two of us, live three blocks away from each other on the far west side of Ann Arbor, and both have very flexible schedules. Thus, an idea was born. We are going to go to an event a day for the entire month of February. We’re going to learn crazy things, go places we’ve never gone before, and drag as many of our friends as possible along for the ride. Also, we’re going to write a blog about it. There are some interesting things happening in Ann Arbor, so we think this should be pretty fun.

Kara: We’re probably being overly ambitious about this idea. I know there will be days that one of us is busy, or just not feeling it. Hopefully on that day the other can pick up the slack. We also might need to stretch the boundaries of “cultural event.” For instance, I think bowling should count. Or that Terminator double feature they’re doing at the State Theater.

Katie: I’m just very disappointed that the 24th Annual Big Rack Night is about deer hunting.

Kara: Be warned: if we fail we have made a suicide pact.

Look out Ann Arbor!


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