In which Katie and Kara argue about civil rights and cheese

For some dates it is difficult to choose just one event. Some days we might go to more than one but if there are time and scheduling conflicts we just have to duke it out. We promise if any actual punches are thrown we will document it to the best of our abilities.

Planning for Wednesday, February 15,  was difficult because there are two really good events that we both want to attend. One is a civil rights documentary at the Michigan Theater, titled “The Barber of Birmingham,” and the other is called an Introduction to Artisan Cheese at the Public Library. The events were at the same time and both were free.

This is the argument that followed:

Kara: The movie even has a talk afterwards and nothing is ever free at the Michigan. I vote movie!

Katie: How many other documentaries are we seeing? There are no other cheese related activities this entire month!

Kara: Yeah, but really, what are they going to teach you about eating cheese?

Katie: I just want to eat the cheese! And expensive cheese that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

Kara: I don’t have a counter-argument for that.

Katie: Oh god! What if they make me eat goat cheese? I’ll tell them I’m allergic. But not to other kinds of cheese. And then they’ll make me eat it anyway, and I’ll vomit.

Al: Then you can write about it on your blog.

Kara: What if I buy you cheese to take to the movie with you?

Katie: That’s not the same!

So, we’re throwing this question to our several, perhaps as many as a dozen, readers. Which event do you think we should attend?

~ Kara


Kara's choice of event

Katie's choice of event


One thought on “In which Katie and Kara argue about civil rights and cheese

  1. Sarah says:

    I voted for cheese in support of the public library. Also, because cheese is delicious.

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