The Iron Lady and Katie

As Kara said, I can’t usually do anything extra on Wednesdays – so I saw a somewhat educational biopic with my mom yesterday, The Iron Lady. We both like Meryl Streep and her impersonations, so we were looking forward to her performance. And she has a big nose, like us 🙂

Good movie, and I thought she did a great portrayal of Margaret Thatcher even though I haven’t watched much actual footage of Margaret Thatcher. Also, it made me think about adding Margaret Thatcher to my “Dead Pool” list for 2013. She’s got to be old as hell.

Much of the movie took place with Margaret/Meryl in her old age: looking back upon her younger, more powerful years, remembering times with her husband and family, and forgetting things and hallucinating because she is old as sin. A particularly sad scene opens the movie, where Margaret goes to the corner store to get a pint of milk and is not only not recognizing by anyone, but is treated with much modern-day speediness and rudeness. Poor old Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher’s politics are pretty f-ed up, according to what I learned in the movie and what I know about her from British punk songs. But she is an admirable female role model, accomplishing an astounding level of power in the man’s world of politics and government. For me it was a 7.5/10


Real Margaret Thatcher

Fake Margaret Thatcher


4 thoughts on “The Iron Lady and Katie

  1. Al says:

    Hollywood. Everyone knows Maggie Thatcher doesn’t buy milk she steals it from impoverished children.

  2. Katie is a cheater!!!! She went to see this on January 31st! Why must you turn this blog into a house of LIES?

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