The High Line

Let me just start by saying I’ve walked the High Line. I’ve ridden the High Line? Written the High Line? I’m just trying to make a stoner joke here…

Kara and I attended our first cultural event TOGETHER! It was part of the Penny Stamps lecture series, held every Thursday at the Michigan Theater. This is put on by the art school and it’s free for everyone. I’ve seen some awesome (and also some really boring) lectures here. Today’s lecture was given by Robert Hammond (cousin Robert! Just kidding), a creator of the High Line in New York City. It is a park, constructed on some old elevated train lines, in the middle of the city. Here is what it looked like when it was just abandoned elevated train lines:


Here is what it looks like with a park on it:


I think this is a totally awesome idea, and it is right up my alley. Much of my thoughts and artwork deal with the intersection of the man-made world with nature. An urban elevated park appeals much to me.

This park was really expensive to build and it is only 2/3 of the way finished. They created the platform using cast slats of cement over a metal framework. The old tracks still remain, as a reminder of the past. The High Line is one mile long and it is free. I would like to go there someday.

Kara left early and missed the best part of the lecture. Cousin Robert’s finale was the story of a woman who lives adjacent to the High Line. A spotlight was wrongly positioned, and it shined right in her bedroom window. The High Line group promised to fix it, but didn’t really get around to it. So she started having her friend, a lounge singer, perform nighttime concerts on her fire escape, using the High Line light as the perfect spotlight. Her concerts got popular, and were even written up in the press. But then the fire department got wind of this unsafe performance and shut it down. For her goodbye show, the lounge singer performed a risque burlesque number. Saucy.

I wonder what Kara has to say about the High Line?…

~ Katie


2 thoughts on “The High Line

  1. Wise Old Father Hammond says:

    Very interesting. A friend of mine who lives in NYC told me about this but I didn’t realize how sharp it was and how big. It sounds like Nephew Robert did a good job in his presentation. The two of you are also doing a really good job with your February blog.

  2. Al says:

    I think we should install a yurt and repurpose his park into our front yard.

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