Female Fight Club

Day 3: Ladies’ Night of Fights, at U of M’s Walgreen Drama Center


This afternoon I went to the hospital to visit my wonderful Grandma and left later than I intended, as is always the case. Then I got lost trying to find the Walgreen Drama Center on U of M’s North Campus, in part because I have the sense of direction of a drunk lemming, but also because it was dark and I don’t know North Campus at all.

Anyway, I got there late, per my usual, and I missed all of the Ladies Night plays because they were mean and wouldn’t let me in until intermission. Jerks.

It turned out this sucked an extra large amount because then I ended up sitting next to some really loud Neanderthal frat boys who were also waiting to see the fight play (they didn’t even know about the women’s one acts). They discussed the republican primary and which sororities were the “easiest.” I know this because they were not using their inside voices. In the end I almost gave up on the play and left but instead just went and sat around the corner. I’m not sure which was harder for me to keep my mouth shut about: the sexism or the politics.  I guess that’s what Ann Arbor culture looks like sometimes.


Bunch of tools

A little after 8pm they finally let me in the theater for the Night of Fights play. I had no idea what it was about. Turns out it was kind of neat, in a silly, fun, sort of way. The play was an imagined mortal combat situation between various fictional characters. They had to take turns fighting each other until only one survived. In between the fights the characters took turns telling the audience why they should win.

The characters were Marcel Marceau (the famous mime), Princess Peach (from Super Mario Brothers), Spiderman, the Cheshire Cat, Helen of Troy, Willy Wonka, two Na’vi warriors (from Avatar), and Joan of Arc.

The choreographed fight scenes were pretty cheesy and silly but it was still pretty entertaining. I think it was probably a little like a professional wrestling match. Made-up characters, fake fights, and in-between matches they monologued on why they thought they were awesome and deserved to win.

It was fun. The play was about an hour, which was good because I’m not sure how much longer my attention span would have lasted.

If anyone has the time or inclination the play ends its brief run tomorrow night with performances at 7pm and 11pm. I recommend it.

~ Kara


2 thoughts on “Female Fight Club

  1. Wise Old Father Hammond says:

    I hate mimes! We saw Marcel Marceau years ago in Power Center and, trust me, after watching him walk against the wind for about five minutes, the wind was taken out of my sails.

    A suggestion for the February plan. Assuming there’s a nice day weatherwise, wander around North Campus to see what’s up there. I’m surprised that Ms. Kara hasn’t spent much time up there – Ms. Kate knows it very well from her undergraduate days. The Wave Field is kind of cool (I don’t remember where it is exactly – Google will point you in the right direction). The pond outside the School of Music is something to see. I’m also fairly certain that there are fair “cultural” events held in the Commons. Just a suggestion.

  2. carptrash says:

    Have you called the sorority yet to let them know that their reputation had proceeded them?

    Ms Kate, wasn’t (isn’t) the Art School on North Campus? PS – Check out the newly placed, controversial, “Dreams of a Young Girl” by sculptor Marshall Fredericks now rumored to be lurking in a garden behind the Bentley Historical Library. It’s “cultural.”

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