Vein of Gold and Alobster

Day 3 (I noticed Kara was numbering her days): On Fridays I go to my artist reading group. We are reading a book by Julia Cameron, Vein of Gold. It is the followup to her popular book The Artist’s Way (we read that one in the fall). These books are about reaching your creative potential and finding your authentic voice as an artist. I go for two hours each Friday, so Kara and I decided that counts as my cultural event for the day.

I also experienced a somewhat terrifying, highly educational lesson in zoology and physics this early morning. Let me tell you the story of Alobster (pronounced very similarly to my husband’s name Alistair, his namesake)…

Alobster is a fresh water lobster that my friend Ben bought as a pet. He put it in his aquarium and soon Alobster was massacring all his expensive fish. Ben said Alobster was either being returned to the pet store or given away to a responsible new parent. After speaking with my husband, and getting his firm disapproval, I called Ben and told him Alobster had a new home!

So I accumulated a $6 tank from ShareHouse, some necessary supplies from Meijer, and an empty beer can for Alobster to use as shelter. His new home was ready and waiting for him. Ben came over and helped me acclimate Alobster to the unfamiliar tank. All was successful and Ben could rest assured that he had made the right decision. Until…

It’s 3am and I hear my dog doing this low raspy growl over and over. I got up to see what she was so freaked out about. I flicked on the light and Alobster had managed to get out the lid of his tank, jump all the way to the floor, and crawl half way across the room. What?!

Needless to say, the security in his tank has been heavily increased. It is still a mystery of physics how he managed to escape. And it is a miracle he didn’t die in the fall or get eaten by the dog.


Alobster in his beer can and newly secured aquarium


One thought on “Vein of Gold and Alobster

  1. Al says:

    I offered to share a cracker with Alobster and before I knew what had happened he had snatched the whole thing.

    “I was hungry!” said Alobster

    “You Shellfish Bastard”, I replied.

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