Dog Skull on a Stick

Day 10: Today, Friday, was my weekly artist reading group. Our book is “Vein of Gold” by Julia Cameron. It is a followup to her famous book “The Artist’s Way.”

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE meeting with these ladies! We are different ages, with different backgrounds, but we all have so much in common. Even when we’re not discussing the book (which tends to happen quite a bit) we can connect on so many levels and learn from one another. We support each other and really value the time we have together.

Today we discussed a few items from the book. One that I found very interesting is color; which colors are we drawn to, which colors do we steer away from, what colors do we wear, what colors do we have in our home? The author shared a story about living in a dreary apartment, in a city where there was a long, dark, cold winter (sound familiar?). By painting the apartment a sunny yellow, she was immediately able to feel better at home, more cheerful. She also discusses how other colors evoke emotions, based on their wavelength. Blue is calming. Orange is energetic. Purple is spiritual.

Another topic we read about this week is making DOLLS! In past weeks, we have done much internal searching and examination of our past, our characteristics, our “authentic” selves. Now we are to render these characteristics in two dolls: one representing our positive, creative energy and one representing the negative “monsters” that have gotten us down, crushed us on our artistic path. The materials are wide open. The author uses an example of one man whose doll was a dog skull on a stick. Cool.

~ Katie

My Doll... sike.



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