Suck it, Rob

Day 11: Masquerade Gala

Tonight Katie, Liz, Ashley, and I attended the Ann Arbor Women Artists 60th Anniversary Masquerade Gala. We went even though tickets for this event were $10, which is $10 more than we are usually willing to spend. Since Katie is on the board of the Ann Arbor Women Artists, and her husband didn’t want to attend, we decided to make a girl’s night out of it. We met at Katie’s house and got all dolled up before driving out to Washtenaw Community College, where the event was taking place.

You can't tell but Katie is smiling

We had a great time at the Gala. Here is a brief list of things that happened at the Gala.

  1. Katie had to take a turn at the front desk selling tickets.
  2. They had chocolate coins on the table and I collected as many as possible and put them in my purse.
  3. We danced and generally had a great time.
  4.  We did not win a prize for best costume.
  5. We missed out on all the cake because it got eaten really fast and Ashley cried.
  6. I ran into one of my favorite teachers from high school, who totally remembered me, even with a mask on. She was still super awesome.
  7. We had a few cocktails.
  8. Whitney Houston died and we all danced with somebody.

Ashley has sad lips because there was no cake

Katie and Kara Jr High dance with somebody

It was like this clip from Labyrinth, if David Bowie’s character was played by an old lesbian.

After we left the Gala we went out to our friend Rob’s house. The night before he told me that he thought our blog was pretentious. On our way out to his house we stopped at Dom’s Bakery in Ypsilanti to buy a cake because Ashley threatened to throw a tantrum if we didn’t (true story).  Rob was not impressed with the cake.

~ Kara


4 thoughts on “Suck it, Rob

  1. Sophie says:

    What a perfect evening. So glad Ashley got cake. I think one or two naughty people had more than their share. (not me, though).

  2. Valerie says:

    I’m glad you told that Rob what he could do with his stinky opinion.

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