I’ll never know if I want to be a beekeeper

Day 14: Movies and Bees

Today was weird. It started with car trouble. One of the windows in my car came off the track and rolled down and wouldn’t roll back up. My solution: duct tape. Then half way to my Aunt’s house in Westland to visit my grandma I ran out of windshield washer fluid. This sucked a lot since it had just snowed and so my view of the road was very quickly obstructed by a combination of slush, dirt, and salt.

I was very excited to go to a talk tonight called “So you want to be a beekeeper?” Even though I don’t really want to be a beekeeper I was very curious and kind of excited about this talk. It was also at the U of M botanical gardens and I’ve never been there. Everyone who was supposed to go with me bailed but I pouted enough that my mom agreed to go. Yay! Bestest mom ever!!!

We drove out to where the talk was being held and were met with this:

And then I cried.

I was upset that this would be the first day that neither Katie nor I would attend a cultural event. My mom tried to cheer me up by reminding me that I had eaten Mexican food for dinner but even reminiscing about that delicious burrito did not raise my spirits.

Then, since we were out anyway and both wanted to see it, we went to see the Descendants.

We both really liked it. I think it counts as a cultural event since it’s nominated for a best picture Oscar, even if I don’t think it should win (the Artist should totally win!).

I am very sad that now I’ll never know if I want to be a beekeeper or not, but in the end I did have a very good time at the movies with my mom.

This is me pretending to be a bee

Tomorrow Katie and I are going to the Artisan Cheese talk and tasting at the Mallets Creek branch of the library.

~ Kara


One thought on “I’ll never know if I want to be a beekeeper

  1. Wise Old Father Hammond says:

    You shouldn’t feel upset about missing an event. You made a valiant effort to attend by buzzing out to the Botanical Gardens – it was out of your control that it was rescheduled. A pat on the back and a A for effort.

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