Day 15: An Introduction to Artisan Cheese

Kara’s coverage of the event was pretty comprehensive. There are just a few things I would like to add.

Things I liked about this event:
1. Free cheese
2. Good speaker (and very patient while answering stupid questions)
3. A library branch where I could easily find the door
4. Prize drawing! To be eligible, you just had to write your name and a quote about cheese. It was a random drawing, the prize did not necessarily go to the best cheese quote. If it did, the prize would definitely be mine: “Cheese, like a beautiful sunset, is a magical thing to behold.” (I made this quote up)

Things I did not like about this event:
1. The room smelling of cheese
2. Kara’s “enemy” who asked the stupidest questions. I was about to assault him in the parking lot after the lecture.
3. The cheeses that had a flavor classified as “barnyard.”
4. The tiny size of the samples (granted I did eat about 65 of them)

Things I learned:
1. I do not like fine expensive aged cheeses (call me pretentious now, Rob)
2. I should eat dinner before attending evening food-related events
3. I cannot afford any cheese from Morgan & York



  1. Eli Herman says:

    Rob and I talked, this is the most pretentious yet.

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