A Hot Crustacean Band

Expensive but totally worth it!

Day 17: Holy crap, we couldn’t believe it was finally here… the much anticipated Little Mermaid sing-a-long at the Michigan Theater. This was one of the few events we were willing to pay for and, even though the Observer advertised it at $11, it turned out to be $14 per person. Whoa!

But it was totally fun and worth it. There was a nice mix of little kids and (possibly a little drunk) adults. We got goodie bags with items to use at certain times during the movie: a fork/dinglehopper to brush our hair with, a glow stick to wave during ballads, bubbles to blow during under the sea scenes, a streamer popper to pop at the final climatic kiss, and a temporary tattoo to apply whenever you want. This made it much more worth the $14. There was also a prize drawing where a big black guy won a Little Mermaid purse and glove set. Fantastic!

I was hoping the fork meant there would be free cake. I enjoyed my glow stick a little too much and pissed Kara off (even though I was the one who should’ve been pissed because she recited every line to the entire movie). I decided to pop my popper when there was a big explosion on Prince Eric’s boat, which was pretty well timed I must say. I put the fish tattoo on my neck but realized it looks kind of like a hickey.

We would like to be part of your world

We decided which Little Mermaid characters we would all be. Kara would be Scuttle the seagull, because he’s a know-it-all that likes talking about the history of things and is usually wrong but for some reason people still listen to him. I would be Sebastian the crab because I want to be Jamaican and he’s a little anal and uptight. Ashley settled on Flounder, but we decided it wasn’t a good match because Flounder is a kind of stupid so she is Ariel because she’s nice and kind of idealistic.

For my fish homies

The song lyrics were displayed on the screen, karaoke style. Everyone enjoyed singing, especially during “Under the Sea.” We also liked prompting the kids in the theater by yelling “BOO!” when enemy characters arrived on the screen. No fail, they would yell it in chorus as soon as we started it. The only downside to the event was an annoying group of nerdy theater kids who were yelling many of the lyrics, especially Ursula’s, during the entire film. Kara shushed them and threatened to throw her glow stick.

All in all, a fantastic evening. I wish all “cultural” events were this fun.



One thought on “A Hot Crustacean Band

  1. Einar says:

    “Kara shushed them.” it’s a genetic thing from her librarian side of the family. Also doesn’t hurt to have a teacher side on the other side. eek

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