In which Katie and Kara succumb to lethargy

Day 18 and 19: No events weekend

After the brilliance that was the Little Mermaid sing-a-long on Friday night, Katie and I were riding high on our success. We had attended an event a day and even kept up on our blogging and we were more than half way through the month! But we got cocky and this weekend brought about a collective inability to leave our houses.

I gave in to the head cold that I was struggling to keep at bay and Katie’s back hurt and she wanted to spend time with her husband (gross).

We missed some events this weekend that I had really wanted to attend, a men’s gymnastics tournament on Saturday and a talk on the Underground Railroad in Michigan this afternoon.

I’m disappointed in both of us, though mostly I blame my cat.

It's easy to blame something this evil

We will be back on schedule tomorrow when I am going to see a documentary on MLK at Cafe Ambrosia at 7pm.



2 thoughts on “In which Katie and Kara succumb to lethargy

  1. rfasheton says:

    Still…very impressive what you girls have done! And when you’re sick, gotta deal with that. Too funny, the comment about Katie spending time with her husband.

  2. Al says:

    you’re gross!

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