How to find a black dog in the dark

Day 20: Today was my Ann Arbor Women Artists monthly board meeting, followed by a lecture by an invited artist or art professional. This month’s guest was Chris Bidlack of Bidlack Creative Group, a local design firm. Just a side note, in April the invited speaker will be… ME! The lecture is free and open to the public, so you should come help fill the room so I don’t feel like a loser 🙂

Anyhow, Chris’s lecture was short and sweet. He spoke mostly about marketing yourself, and to treat and respect your art as a business. He gave advice on how to make a business card, but I’ve already made tons of business cards…

One of my past business cards, from my days as a wedding photographer

He ended the lecture with a story about trying to find his black dog in the dark. He related it to marketing by saying that, unless you identify your target audience, you simply know they’re out there and you’re not communicating directly to them. He illustrated this with a nice diagram.

Chris trying to find his black dog in the dark

Truthfully, this lecture did not really teach me anything new. I took a two-day seminar on art marketing early in my career, so I was already familiar with many of these concepts.

Tomorrow… Carmina Burana, a dark wonderful opera, FREE at Hill auditorium (8-10pm)! Come with me!



2 thoughts on “How to find a black dog in the dark

  1. Laila Kujala says:

    Thanks for this post Katie. I wanted to go, but unfortunately I am still ordered to stay off my feet. Looks like I did not miss much.

  2. carptrash says:

    I do hope that we get a report from your presentation at the next Ann Arbor Women Artists meeting. And now I need to get back to making a new business card. eek

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