No sloth left behind

Day 22 – Meet the Animals from the Creature Conservancy

Since I had already attended one event today, and Wednesday is always a rough day for Katie since she goes to the chiropractor then work, I wasn’t sure if we would really make it to tonight’s event. I called Katie at 6:30 to see if she still wanted to go.

Me: Do you still want to go to this thing tonight?

Katie: Yes. I want to see the animals.

Me: I just don’t want you to be disappointed.

Katie: Me either. I’ll be mad if it’s just, like, hamsters or something.

Me: Well, it did say wild animals. Do they have wild hamsters?

Katie: There’s the world’s largest hamster.

Me: A capybara?

Katie: They have one at the Toledo zoo.

This capybara is not in Toledo

Me: They freak me out.

Katie: Me too! I wonder if they eat other littler hamsters?

Me: I think hamsters are vegetarians.

Katie: What about Carrie’s hamsters that all ate each other.

Me: Oh yeah. I guess they’re omnivores.

Katie: I’m eating a sandwich; I don’t want to talk about this.

Me: I’m coming to pick you up now.

And then we drove to the library. We walked in a few minutes late because I had to drive around the block eight times to find a place to park since the library parking lot is a sinkhole. Don’t fall in.

When we walked in I was met by two surprises. A two toed sloth and Katie’s dad. Katie’s dad, Rick, is the second parent to attend an event with us (my mom tried to be a beekeeper with me).

Katie and her biggest fan

It turns out this event was amazing. They had six wild animals to show us. We learned about each one and got to touch most of them. I GOT TO PET A SLOTH. I put that in all caps because it might be the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.

The people running the event were way cool. They were from the Creature Conservancy which is a group that rescues wild animals that people tried to keep as pets and then had to get rid of because they are wild animals, and people are stupid. The group operates in the Ann Arbor area and in the next year or so they should have a public facility for people to come see the animals. They do these show and tell things at the Library every once in a while and, if you see a listing for one, you should totally go! You can learn more about them at their website.

It was startling to walk in late and see a sloth hanging off a branch in the middle of the library basement. They walked it around and let everyone pet it. Apparently sloths are pretty mean tempered. They move so slowly you’d think they’d be chill. Plus, they only go to the bathroom twice a week and they poo, like, eight pounds worth.

My new best friend

The next animal was a Kookaburra. Which just made me want to sing that song, “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.” The bird kept interrupting the presenter with its crazy loud calls. Here is a video.

Then we saw two ball pythons that were found in a dumpster in Chelsea. Boring. Katie used to have one and drive around with it in the passenger seat of her car. Katie is weird.

Next was an African Fruit Bat. It was a lot cuter than you expected it to be even though it creeped Katie out.

We also got to see a giant tortoise. It wasn’t that big yet but it was already 12 years old. Katie really wants one that she can just let loose in her backyard to eat the grass/mow her lawn. I don’t think that’s a very practical plan, but we’ll see.

The last animal was a Caiman, which was like a little angry crocodile. It was amazing. It stared and hissed. The handler had to wrestle it out of a giant Tupperware box and at first all you could hear was thrashing and hissing and we had no idea what animal it was. The Caiman kind of reminded me of a cat-lizard. It hissed and it had slitted cat eyes and it was really pissed the whole time.

Best picture ever!!!!

I need to backtrack a little and tell you about the crazy woman who was wearing an all camo outfit and I’m pretty sure was also drunk. I named her Katie’s best friend. It seems that in many of these free events that Katie and I attend there is one “crazy.” They are the weirdo who will not shut up and asks insane questions in the middle of the talk. Plus, they always seem to know more than the lecturer, and they are always wrong. When they talk everyone else in the room shoots commiserating looks at each other. They do not seem to notice, or care.

Image has been obscured to protect crazy’s identity

After the talk the librarian actually recognized Katie and me from Cheese Night, even though that was at a different library branch. She jokingly accused us of bringing the crazy with us. We told her our theory that there is always one at every evening event. She said that unfortunately we were probably correct.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a talk called “The New Cold War” at the Ford Library at 7:30pm if anyone wants to join me since Katie refuses to go.

~ Kara


5 thoughts on “No sloth left behind

  1. Erica says:

    This is MY FAVORITE POST yet! You know I love animals but I LOVE SLOTHS! I’m surprised to hear they’re vicious. I just imagine them chillaxin all over the forest. Please tell me you’ve seen this clip of Veronica Mars on Ellen. It is sloth-relevant. If not, you must watch. So cute. ( Also, I love the commentary, “crazy,” and caiman photo. Freaking awesome. And alliterative.

    • Thanks, Erica! I wish you could have been there, you would have loved it! This was one of my favorite events. It was so cool to learn about, and touch the animals. I totally made Katie watch that video while we were writing this!

  2. Wise Old Man Hammond says:

    Yes, I did join Ms. Katie & Ms. Kara last night for the “animal show” at the Ann Arbor Public Library. It was much fun and educational. I checked out the Creature website to check out when their next show was going to be – the website is not up to date. The last show they have listed is for Halloween!

  3. Einar says:

    We don’t let animals in our library. Just barely let some kids in.
    And yes, best picture ever, except maybe the old hippie.

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