Day 24: Observatory Open House

Katie and I both went out to dinner with our respective parents and then met at Angel Hall for the event. We were joined on this occasion by Katie’s husband, Al, and our surprise guest, Maggie.

Angel Hall actually turned out to be really hard to get into. Katie and Al called me and told me the front door was locked. When I got there someone was putting a sign on the door saying that the Open House was on the third and fifth floor. He let me in, then he re-locked the door.

Angel Hall is totally majestic, Maggie slightly less so

I waited around and let Maggie in the building. Then we went in search of Katie and Al. They found a sidedoor and weren’t picking up their phones, so it wasn’t exactly easy.

There is no phone reception in Angel Hall


We made our way up to the fifth floor for the observatory stuff but it was cancelled because it was overcast. Then we went downstairs to the third floor and found the world’s tiniest planetarium.

Informative chalkboard


We got there right on time for the show. There were only two seats left, and they were not even together, Katie and Al got them, so Maggie and I found a spot on the floor. This actually turned out to be nice because there was just enough space for us to lie down. Heeeey.

The show itself was fun. It was mc’d by a guy and girl who apparently had a side job as bad amateur stand-up comics (I think they were from the student astronomy club). I was not amused, though they did make Maggie and Al laugh with a constellation bestiality joke. The dude kept saying anyways and acrost. Part of me hated him.

Afterword, Katie commented that the seats were very uncomfortable, but it could be a very romantic date. I would like to note that she was sitting nowhere near her husband.

I don’t think I really learned a lot in this one but it was still kinda cool. Plus, the machine that runs the planetarium was called the Skymaster.

Behold the SKYMASTER

They do this Open House twice a month. I recommend it, but you should try and go when it’s a clear night.

The planetarium show was about 40 minutes long. After it was over we went to Knights for some post-cultural drinks and wrap-up.

Then we attended a wood paneling conference

Tomorrow Katie and I are going to a DNA talk at the U of M Natural History Museum at 3pm.

~ Kara


2 thoughts on “Skymaster

  1. Al says:

    I looked for a Skymaster on ebay but all I found were some crappy binoculars.

  2. K says:

    Aw! I want one for our house.

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