Day 28: Evolution and Health Exhibit at the U of M Museum of Natural History

Katie emailed me last night and said that she thought this exhibit sounded more interesting than the hip pain seminar and asked me if I wanted to go with her. I said I would and we met at the museum in the late afternoon. Let me just say again that I love going to campus during spring break. It’s awesome, and super easy to park, and the museum was totally empty!

When we got there we went up to the fourth floor where the exhibit was. This allowed us to completely bypass the exhibit on the invisible world of mites. Gross. Unfortunately, the evolution and health exhibit turned out to be totally boring.

“I don’t want to trash the Natural History Museum, because it’s, like, my favorite museum in town, but that exhibit was totally wack,” Katie said.

Katie has backpain

Kara has skincolor












They were scientifically answering questions that I didn’t ask and don’t care about. “Why are people lactose intolerant?” I’m not, so I don’t care. “Why is giving birth so difficult?” First of all, ewwww. If I was ever thinking of having kids, this exhibit cured me of that notion. Katie seemed very into the fact that birthing got harder as people walked more upright. I even had to hear her explain it to her husband, Al, when we went back to her house.

The only thing I liked was this machine that was supposed to take a picture of your skin color and tell you where you were from. Mine was mildly accurate but Katie’s kept giving her an error message. Finally, proof that Katie is not human.

Empty museums are awesome

After spending a grand total of 12 minutes in that exhibit we started to wander around the rest of the museum. I hadn’t been there since I was in high school. I forgot how much I liked it. I love the dinosaurs and the dioramas! Katie and I are going to try and make some dioramas. I’m really excited.

Oh no! I'm being eaten!!!!

In fact, this inspired me to try and create a new project. This new project will be called makestuffmarch. Next month I’m going to try to make a project a week – including a diorama which will probably be the last project so that I have time to collect stuff for it. I hope it turns out as well as feedyourmindfebruary has.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and I’m going to the archeology museum.

~ Kara


3 thoughts on “Makestuffmarch?…

  1. Wise Old Man Hammond says:

    Feedyourmindfebruary has been a treat to read and thanks to both of you for making February much more interesting than usual (I intend to read today’s entry so I have a complete month under my belt). The dioramas are cool and I’m looking forward to Makestuffmarch. Always looking forward to a return visit to AADL next time the animals are making an appearance.

  2. K says:

    Thanks Daddo! February is usually such a drag, and this definitely made it better. I appreciate your avid readership and comments 🙂

  3. Einar says:

    They guessed that you were born in Ann Arbor by your skin color?

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