Final Thoughts – Katie

Feed Your Mind February was a great experience/experiment. February is usually such a drag, and this undoubtedly made it less depressing. All in all, there were great free local events going on in the Ann Arbor area all the time. All you have to do is muster enough motivation to get in the car and drive there. Having a partner made this a lot easier, and we carpooled to a lot of things. Once you get there, you’re always happy to be there. And if you’re not, you don’t feel bad leaving because it didn’t cost anything.

I will definitely try to attend more free local events in the future, and I’ve already circled a bunch of stuff in March’s Observer. But not for every day.

Things I liked about Feed Your Mind February:

  1. Mostly everything was free (good for a partially disabled starving artist)
  2. I learned a lot
  3. I got to hang out with Kara more
  4. I was able to do activities that didn’t revolve around drinking
  5. I discovered local venues I have never been to (such as the RC car racing warehouse and the secret planetarium in Angell Hall)
  6. I got ideas for new art projects without even trying
  7. I saw strangers of all ages doing something worthwhile, thus slightly restoring my faith in humanity

Things I didn’t like:

  1. Being very busy
  2. Sitting in a variety of uncomfortable places
  3. Finding parking downtown
  4. Paying for parking downtown
  5. Feeling pressured to write blog posts about events I didn’t have much to say about (see Day 20)
  6. Dealing with crazies, the unknown demographic that attends free events

Signing off,



2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts – Katie

  1. Adrianna says:

    Kara this was awesome! I cant wait to graduate and make time for this type of challenge! I am inspired! Keep up the blogging please!!!

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