In which Katie and Kara discuss church folk and street foods

Katie and I debated whether to go to an “International Street Foods” event at a Presbyterian Church. The notice for the event stated, “All area women invited to sample street food from different nations.” I was a little (lot) sketched out by this event. This was the text conversation that we had last night.

Katie: Holy crap, tomorrow is street foods.

Kara: I thought we decided no street foods.

Katie:  Street foods may have been a no in your mind. . .

Kara: If you get brainwashed by some crazy church folk I’m not coming to rescue you.

Katie: Ah! Let’s eat religious street food together!

Kara: Why should I go to that since you wouldn’t go to that Recorder Society meeting with me? Hmmm?

Katie: No free food at the recorder society.

Kara: First of all, you don’t know that. Second, I’ll go to that if you’ll go to the Scandinavian cultural celebration with me.

We didn’t go to street foods but if anyone wants to go to a Scandinavian culture celebration with me it’s Sunday at 2pm at the main branch of the Ann Arbor District Library.

~ Kara

Scandinavian metal band Finntroll will probably not be at the library on Sunday


One thought on “In which Katie and Kara discuss church folk and street foods

  1. Al says:

    Katie actually snuck off to this event with her other boyfriend.

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